Human Performance Suite

The Porsche Experience Center will offer programs focused on maximizing personal fitness, wellness, and athletic performance through its Porsche Human Performance Center. This unique facility will feature a leading sports science laboratory and training programs, incorporating the latest techniques used in preparing Porsche race car drivers.

Just as competitors in motorsports need to be physically comfortable under the unique stresses that racing places on the mind and the body, the Porsche Human Performance Center will use state of the art laboratory testing equipment to assess your individual sport specific fitness profile -- whether for competitions with four wheels, two wheels or one's own legs. Customized experiences will range from heat acclimation training and hydration strategies to individual wellness assessments.

An assessment will take a snapshot of your current level of fitness in a controlled environment which allows for the determination of your unique physiology and how it responds to exercise. With this knowledge, specific training zones can be calculated and incorporated into a training plan to create the maximum training effect in the shortest time.