An established team with a new focusPorsche Club Support is now complemented by Porsche Community Management

Customers and brand ambassadors have always been particularly important to the Porsche brand. In order to further strengthen the close relationship we have, whilst keeping up with today’s modern means of communication and media, we have decided on a new name for the “Marketing Services” department. As of 01.04.2011, this department will be known as “Face-to-Face Marketing”. “Face-to-Face” is a popular term that stands for close direct customer contact and customer loyalty. We intend to develop our customer programmes and put customer loyalty even further up our list of priorities. We also want to further develop the Porsche Club Coodination, thereby taking into account the steady growth of the so-called “Porsche Family”, Porsche customers, enthusiasts and fans. For this reason, we have decided to give the Porsche Club Coordination a broader focus and to complement this department with an additiona l“Porsche Community Management”. This Porsche Community Management means taking steps towards new means of communication and other social networks for Porsche enthusiasts and fans, such as creating an Online Community for all members of the Porsche family. Of course, this will not involve any changes for you, our valued Club members. All Porsche Clubs will still be called Porsche Clubs and those who worked for the previous Club Coordination will continue to cooperate with you as usual. We are looking forward to a furthermore successful cooperation!

Your Porsche Community Management