April / May 2009

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Sicilian Passion

The land of amore — and of the love of cars — was chosen for the debut of the new Boxster S. The roads of Sicily have curves that get drivers’ motors running.

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Diesel Fun

Sports-car performance and low consumption are mutually exclusive? Not with the Cayenne Diesel. Even with diesel in the tank, the Cayenne doesn’t miss a beat.

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The New 911 GT3: Racetrack-bred, Ready for the Road

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The New 911 GT3 RSR: White Lightning

The Porsche 911 GT3 RSR has always had an indomitable will to win. It’s been reworked for the current racing season but is exuding pure aggression as always.

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Four, Uncompromised

The interior of the Panamera is a perfect combination of comfort and sportiness as well as luxury and safety. The words “take a seat” have never sounded so inviting.

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Shanghai: Panoramic Premiere

In Shanghai, the pace of change is faster than elsewhere. The metropolis on the banks of the Yangtze is in perpetual renewal — the perfect place to introduce the Panamera.

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News: 2009 General Meeting

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News: Land in Sight: Desert Win for the GT3

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