February / March 2010

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Still Number One

When Porsche combines the Boxster and the Spyder, good things are to come. And on its premiere excursion along California’s Highway 1, the new Boxster Spyder becomes the Sun King.

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Dune Buggy

Sand sizzles, heads turn, and the SUV powers on: in the morning ambiance of a secret mission in Dubai, the new Cayenne passes the merciless Porsche version of Germany’s technical inspection board.

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The Joy of Full-Load Driving

Each new generation never ceases to amaze: the 500-hp engine in the latest 911 Turbo features an impressive array of sophisticated technology and sets new standards in fuel efficiency.

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A Knack for Curves

The test track at the Porsche factory in Leipzig combines ten of the world’s most renowned and notorious curves into a single route—challenging drivers and vehicles alike.

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Ready for Takeoff!

A different take on driving at the controls of the Panamera: wellgrounded in his métier, so to speak, a flight captain checks out the cockpit of the Gran Turismo. His assessment: “Fabulous!”

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News: Panamera Comes Up a Winner

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News: Norbert Singer: Something in the Air

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News: Winter Tires for Golden Oldies

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