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Porsche shows itself authentic and down-to-earth Sports car manufacturer aspires to become even more appealing and approachable as an employer

Stuttgart . Porsche remains as attractive as ever: the company receives 150,000 applications every year and regularly tops employer ranking lists. At Porsche, there is a particular focus on colleagues feeling a sense of togetherness and cooperation. And to make it clear that the company truly lives these values, and is not merely paying them lip service, Porsche is launching a new campaign. The campaign will highlight the sports car manufacturer as an authentic employer, and seeks to give an insight – particularly for students and young professionals – into everyday life in Zuffenhausen: unembellished and down to earth.

There will be no staged scenes, models or specially selected staff brought to the fore here: instead, reportage-style clips and black-and-white images will highlight the human side of Porsche as an employer brand. The engaging photos even take an ironically humorous angle at times, for example in one photo where only an employee’s feet can be seen poking out from underneath a 911, with the message: “You don’t have to stand in the spotlight to help an icon shine.” Elsewhere the campaign declares: “Have a weakness for fast cars? You’d better work on it.” In another clear piece of messaging, the text reads: “You can’t build tomorrow’s cars with yesterday’s leadership methods.”

“We are starting from a position of strength,” says Andreas Haffner, Member of the Executive Board responsible for HR and Social Affairs at Porsche AG, “but it’s no longer enough to enable us to find the right talented people and retain them in the long term. This is because our excellent sports cars influence how we are defined as an employer, and they symbolise prestige and financial success above all else. However, this simplified view does not do justice to Porsche as an employer.”

The basis of the new campaign is the company’s cultural model, which was further developed by more than 500 employees from every department and the workers council in 2017. The key values behind this model are “passion, courage, performance and one family.” These values embody the self-perception of the team working Porsche.

Developed by Scholz & Friends Berlin and photographed by Scottish photographer Jane Stockdale, the campaign consists of a range of online activities in addition to print and large-scale adverts, which will appear in cities such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. Short ‘making-of’ clips give the various participants the chance to have their say and will accompany the campaign on social media and in the Porsche Newsroom.

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