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A woman. A blue sky. Mountains. A tree in a mantle of white. Ski poles propped against its trunk. Wearing a sweater in black, red, and gold, the woman bends to tie her shoelaces. Behind her, a Porsche 356 A painted in matte silver is parked on a thin layer of snow. This cover image graced the first issue of Christophorus magazine, back in July of 1952. A cover from a picture-perfect world. Joy, style, and pleasure—in perfect harmony.

Some 374 issues and 64 years later, we see an orange-red Jägermeister Porsche. Starting number 54. Low, wide, ready to roll. And a man who sees his car as an icon and guards it accordingly. With eyes alert. A face with wrinkles and furrows, a dictionary of life. A passion for what was. For what is. And for what will be.

Past and future. Future and past. Two sides of the same coin converge in Porsche. Christophorus is old, in fact one of the oldest automotive magazines in the world. The issue in your hands, however, is new. Refurbished and expanded. To feel Porsche, to understand it, to experience it. Clarity in both words and graphics, a generous layout, more room to breathe. The magazine shows where Porsche is going. And where Porsche, along with Christophorus, has come from. The logotype on the cover, the protective hand of the saint. Once again the staggered column of four syllables: Chri – sto – pho – rus, as it appeared from 1962 to 1992. Evoking three decades of the previous century, honoring the past. Because without a past, there is no future.

Information, fascination, emotion—in a word, cars. But it is people who live, experience, and dream. This magazine is about them, of them, and for them. Five times a year. With a circulation of 585,000 copies. Published in ten languages. Featured in print and on the Web. An interactive world. A focus on the individual. Closeness, attachment, feeling: sometimes a Porsche means adventure; sometimes everyday life; sometimes even love. But a Porsche is always an experience.

Wherever you have come from, wherever you may be headed, Christophorus will accompany you.

Christophorus ‒ The Porsche customer magazine

Christophorus is the official magazine for Porsche customers, and one of the oldest and most renowned customer publications in the world. Its issues have been numbered consecutively since its launch in 1952.

Named after the patron saint of travelers, the magazine provides interesting information about cars and automotive engineering, and offers an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the company.

Christophorus currently appears five times a year in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Polish.

Selected articles will be published online successively every two weeks.

If you are interested in the Porsche company and all of its products, you can subscribe to Christophorus at: