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Porsche - Editorial


Past meets future—Porsche values are alive and thriving in new models like the 911 Carrera GTS and in places like the new Porsche Design Studio, tended at vintage events by the Museum on Wheels, and accentuated in this issue by the joint Alpine tour of the Cayman GTS, the 918 Spyder, and the Carrera 6 race car.

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Porsche - Macan times eight

Macan times eight

One car, five continents: As an all-round talent, the Macan is well equipped to handle the wide range of conditions found on trips around the globe. We’ve posed our questions to eight Macan drivers from different parts of the world. As always, the answers also come from the cars themselves.

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Porsche - Peak Performer

Peak Performer

A Cayman GTS and a 906 Carrera 6 on tour in the Swiss Alps. This mountaineering team is joined by a 918 Spyder.

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Porsche - Designed for Power

Designed for Power

The Cayenne S E-Hybrid is the youngest member of a family with innovative hybrid drives whose development Porsche is pursuing at full speed.

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Porsche - Keep on Rolling

Keep on Rolling

The Porsche Museum is a museum like no other. Even as they age, Porsche cars hardly retire. These witnesses-on-wheels to the past are active exhibits of the Museum on Wheels. Their appearances outside its walls demonstrate an enduring youthfulness.

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Porsche - Where the music comes from

Where the music comes from

Meet the people who make sure a Porsche sounds like a Porsche. A visit with the sound designers in the acoustics lab at the Weissach Research and Development Center.

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Porsche - Time-Piece


With the “Timepiece No. 1” and the “Chronograph Titanium Limited Edition,” the first independent watch collection from Porsche Design has gotten off to a fitting start. The high expectations have been fulfilled through re-interpretations of the creative tradition of designer F.A. Porsche.

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Porsche - Globe-Trotting


Circling the globe—it is what the Porsche factory team does over the course of a mere ten weeks in the World Endurance Championship. The requisite logistics pose a sporting challenge of their own.

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Porsche - Additional Values

Additional Values

Three letters, one message: The second edition of the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS is the symbiosis of Carrera S and GT3.

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Porsche - An inner force to be reckoned with

An inner force to be reckoned with

Solo climber Thomas Bubendorfer has successfully integrated the Porsche philosophy of intelligent performance into his work: a clever approach to dealing with situations that come his way.

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Porsche - Showtime!


Form follows function—that’s not only true for all Porsche models, but also a maxim of the new design studio at the Weissach Research and Development Center. Almost everything that happens here is top secret. Head of design Michael Mauer gives us an exclusive look at his new digs.

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