Engine oils and Porsche vehicles

Engine oils and Porsche vehicles

The engine. The heart of every Porsche. Our experience has shown that the right oil makes all the difference. It guarantees excellent stability, increases age resistance and provides maximum protection against deposits. In short: the oil must be just like the engine – tuned for performance.

Porsche therefore uses fully-synthetic high-performance engine oil from Mobil 1. Because this consists of molecular chains of approximately equal length, with molecules of a uniform size, thanks to its special composition.

The outcome: a solid structure which allows optimum pump and flow performance at low temperatures and extreme stability at high temperatures.

Another advantage over conventional engine oils: contaminants, such as paraffin, sulphur and reactive hydrocarbons are filtered out of the high-performance oils using a complex process. Added to this is increased age resistance. These properties allow reliable operation at extended oil change intervals.

The result: improved performance, less wear, lower fuel consumption and longer engine life.