Perfection optimized.

With the 911 RSR’s predecessor we introduced a change to the concept 911. For the first time, a 911 based race car used a flipped drivetrain. Since this revolution, we have been able to gather countless experiences on tens of thousands of kilometres of racing. Insights that we have applied to the development of the new 911 RSR. The expansion of the boxer engine displacement to 4.2 litres was just the beginning. Countless other improvements – all put through their paces– are hidden under the carbon-fiber reinforced body. Aerodynamically optimized, this lightweight body not only improves the driveability of the 911 RSR even further, it was also designed for quick changeability and thus maximizes efficiency in long-distance races. The six-speed sequential constant-mesh transmission, weight-optimized for our latest generation, features increased stiffness and durability. In addition, it's extremely short shifting times have been shortened even further. Also shortened: the exhaust system. Now opening to the side, its susceptibility to damage has been reduced greatly. Another element which proves: the overall 911 RSR concept stands for maximum consistency and endurance.