718 Spyder RS
USD 268.100
368 kW/500 PS
Potencia (kW)/Potencia (PS)
3,4 s
Aceleración de 0 - 100 km/h
308 km/h
Velocidad máxima
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718 Spyder RS
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Unfiltered driving pleasure. Open top.
Pure GT engineering in an unconditionally open 2-seater. Puristic, unfiltered, genuine. The 718 Spyder RS is a mid-engine roadster that leaves compromises behind in fractions of a second. For driving pleasure with a powerful sound that you can hear and feel immediately.
The new 718 Spyder is a return to the origins of the roadster feeling – with a puristic and unfiltered driving experience that is otherwise only felt on sport motorbikes or in open race cars.

Vehicle shown with Weissach package and other optional equipment.

718 Spyder RS highlights.


Additional air inlets, louvers, increased downforce: the 718 Spyder RS evokes a storm of enthusiasm – also thanks to the typical mid-engine flyline and the characteristic streamliners.

Lightweight construction.

Reduced weight – more dynamics: lightweight construction measures such as the use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) ensure a significant weight advantage. In the centre: the removable lightweight hood.

High-revving naturally aspirated engine.

9,000 rpm, high agility and an incredible sound: the 4.0-litre, 6-cylinder boxer, high-revving naturally aspirated engine was derived directly from the 911 GT3.

RS chassis.

Developed for circuits – tailored to winding mountain passes: the high-precision 718 Cayman GT4 RS chassis has been optimally adapted to the overall concept of the 718 Spyder RS.


In the cabin, everything is focused on the essentials: open-top driving pleasure with a motorsport character – from the 718 RS-specific steering wheel with 12 o'clock marking to the three round instruments and the door pull loops.

Weissach package.

Weissach. Birthplace of the Porsche GT vehicles. The Weissach package underlines this origin with numerous features in carbon-weave finish and the 'Weissach RS' logo as a typical signature.

Chronograph 718 Spyder RS.

The design details of the Chronograph 718 Spyder RS are perfectly matched to its motorised role model. Exclusively for owners of the 718 Spyder RS.

360° Experience.

Porsche - 360°ExteriorPorsche - 360°Exterior

The highlights of the 718 Spyder RS.

Porsche - The highlights of the 718 Spyder RS.
Design and aerodynamics
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Design and aerodynamics
718 Spyder RS

718 Spyder RS

Lightweight convertible top.
The 718 Spyder RS is not a closed sports car that can be driven with the top down – but an open bend seeker that can be driven with the top closed. The 2-piece manual lightweight convertible top with two taut fins can be completely removed, used as a canvas hood or as a canvas hood with weather partition. You can also store it at home instead of in the boot. This saves up to 15 kg compared to the 718 Spyder. Available with Red or Grey piping or in all Black.
Porsche - Rear lid with streamliners.
Rear lid with streamliners.
Typical of a Porsche Spyder: the characteristic streamliners at the rear end provide a visual continuation of the shape of the Black roll-over bar. An unmistakable look that evokes memories of the silhouette of predecessors from the past. In combination with the Weissach package, the upper part of the housing of the raised third brake light between the streamliners comes in carbon-weave finish – just like the finisher of the roll-over bar.
Porsche - Additional side air intakes.
Additional side air intakes.
Process air intakes made of Black painted CFRP are used behind the driver and front passenger, below the fins of the convertible top. The result: improved dynamic wind pressure, which gives the engine additional air through the airbox and amps up the vehicle’s motor sport character. In combination with the Weissach package, the air intakes come in carbon-weave finish.
Porsche - Front end.
Front end.
The pronounced front spoiler lip, with an additional spoiler in front of the wheel arch housings, ensures increased aerodynamic downforce on the front axle. The central air intake in the front end further optimises aerodynamics and directs the air flow upwards through the exhaust opening in front of the front cover.
Porsche - CFRP fenders including louvers.
CFRP fenders including louvers.
The upper openings in the wheel arch made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), the so-called louvers, and the newly designed front spoiler lip with side blades surrounded by airflow optimise the wheel arch ventilation. The result: the reduction in overpressure in the wheel housing and thus more downforce.
Porsche - NACA air intakes.
NACA air intakes.
Persistently defying the headwind: the front cover made of particularly light carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the exterior colour. The NACA air intakes in Black improve brake cooling – and clearly state that this Spyder doesn't bear the abbreviation RS for nothing. In combination with the Weissach package, the front lid in carbon-weave finish – optionally available partially painted – also underlines the motor sports genes.
Porsche - Fixed rear spoiler.
Fixed rear spoiler.
The fixed rear spoiler between the tinted taillights is larger than on the 718 Spyder, thus emphasising the performance-orientated design even more. In its typical GT form, it ensures the aerodynamic balance of the vehicle – even when the roof is open. In combination with the Weissach package, the rear spoiler, the so-called Gurney flap, in carbon-weave finish creates a particularly sporty finish.
Porsche - Rear apron with diffusor.
Rear apron with diffusor.
Perfectly shaped super sports car technology: the rear apron in Black with a diffusor, complete with fins, accelerates the airflow on the rear underbody, thus intensifying what is known as the Venturi effect. The 718 Spyder RS sucks itself onto the ground – for additional downforce on the rear axle.
Porsche - Sport exhaust system.
Sport exhaust system.
The large volume of the lightweight stainless steel sport exhaust system with rear silencer and two stainless steel Black tailpipes moved apart reduces exhaust backpressure and release countless endorphins with every sound. In combination with the Weissach package, the tailpipe covers are made of titanium and are reminiscent of the look of the Porsche 935, which was relaunched in 2018.
Porsche - Wheels.
The 20-inch sports tyres of the 718 Spyder RS are dimensioned for performance – for a large contact area and grip¹. Also included: the particularly lightweight 20-inch 718 Cayman GT4 RS forged aluminium wheels with 'RS' lettering on the central locking. The 20-inch 718 Cayman GT4 RS forged magnesium wheels are available in combination with the Weissach package for even more weight savings. Both wheel variants are available in different paint finishes, such as satin aluminium.

¹The reduced tread depth increases the risk of aquaplaning on wet roads.

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718 Spyder RS

718 Spyder RS

Porsche - Performance.
That most exciting combination of a storm and to dare forward: chassis elements tried and tested on the race track, GT4 RS engine – the 718 Spyder RS brings its untamed power to the road without compromise. Bend after bend. Goosebump after goosebump.
Porsche - High-revving naturally aspirated engine.
High-revving naturally aspirated engine.
The GT4 RS engine in a roadster: 500 PS (368 kW) at 8,400 rpm, maximum drag torque 450 Nm at 6,750 rpm. The 4.0 litre 6-cylinder boxer high-revving naturally aspirated engine with a maximum of 9,000 rpm is by far the most powerful in the 718 model range.
Porsche - Engine technology derived from motorsport.
Engine technology derived from motorsport.
6 individual throttle valves supply the 6 cylinders with air optimally for direct responsiveness and excellent dosing of the engine. It is powerful and robust thanks to a central oil feed, forged pistons and lightweight titanium con rods.
Porsche - Transmission.
The shifts of the performance-orientated 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) are fast and emotive. Even the 7th gear has a short, sporty response. The mechanical locking differential ensures optimal power transmission.
Porsche - Chassis with GT technology.
Chassis with GT technology.
Precise handling for winding mountain passes: lightweight suspension strut axles, taut springs and helper springs, in combination with specific wheel mounts, ensure high traction and stability. Ball joints allow particularly precise wheel guidance.

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM, –30 mm).

The electronic adjustment of the damping control system actively and continuously adjusts the damping force on each wheel, based on current road conditions and driving style. The PASM has two settings: sporty-comfortable and sporty-firm.

Porsche Stability Management (PSM).

PSM is an automatic control system for maintaining stability at the limits of dynamic driving performance. The systems can be switched off completely in two stages.

Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV).

The PTV improves the driving dynamics. The integrated mechanical rear differential lock enables higher traction and significantly improved lateral dynamics and driving stability during load changes in bends and when changing lanes.

Front axle lift system.

30 mm may not sound like much, but it makes the decisive difference at speeds of up to around 60 km/h thanks to the increased ground clearance.

Porsche - Brakes.Porsche - Brakes.


Deceleration in RS style.

The 718 Spyder RS slows down impressively quickly thanks to the 6 or 4-piston aluminium monobloc fixed caliper brakes (front/rear) with Red brake calipers, large Grey cast iron composite brake discs and efficient brake ventilation and cooling.

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB).

The optional Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) enables high braking performance and constant braking pressure. The weight of the brake discs is approx. 50% lower than cast iron brake discs of comparable design and dimensions.

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Weissach package
Weissach package
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Weissach package
718 Spyder RS

718 Spyder RS

Porsche - The name is the game.
The name is the game.
Weissach. The workplace of our engineers. So it's no wonder that the optional Weissach package specially developed for the 718 Spyder RS was given this name. The signature in the form of the 'Weissach RS' emblem can be found on the cover of the cup holder, as stitching on the headrests and embossed on the lightweight hood.
Porsche - Exterior elements in carbon-weave finish.
Exterior elements in carbon-weave finish.
The consistent use of the carbon-weave finish sharpens the design of the 718 Spyder RS even more – from the front lid and the top half of the exterior mirrors, the side blades and process air intakes behind the driver and front passenger, to the upper part of the housing of the third brake light. The cover on the roll-over bar and the aerodynamic Gurney flap on the rear spoiler – also in carbon-weave finish – dynamically round off the consistent fine tuning.
Porsche - Hood with signature.
Hood with signature.
The 718 Spyder RS can cope with any conditions – whether it's raining or too cold, even driving with the hood down. The sight of the flat silhouette with the Weissach package emblem embossed on the lightweight convertible top is now even more exciting than it already was.
Porsche - Titanium tailpipe cover.
Titanium tailpipe cover.
The two separate tailpipes produce a sound that is guaranteed to make you smile and gets deep under the skin. The look of the titanium tailpipe covers is inspired by the limited edition 935 Motorsport limited production run of 2018, a tribute to the legendary 935/78 Le Mans racing car.
Porsche - Forged magnesium wheels.
Forged magnesium wheels.
The 20-inch 718 Cayman GT4 RS forged magnesium wheels are available in various paint finishes and save almost 10 kg of weight in total. For improved driving dynamics thanks to the reduction in unsprung weight – and unbridled driving pleasure on winding mountain roads. The central locking with 'RS' lettering already increases the driving ambitions down in the valley.
Porsche - Interior with Weissach emblem.
Interior with Weissach emblem.
In combination with the Weissach package, the upper part of the dashboard is also covered with Race-Tex, which has been tried and tested on the circuit, rounding off the decidedly puristic, sporty interior – and minimising annoying reflections in the windscreen. The embroidered Weissach package emblem on the headrests and the badge on the trim panel of the dashboard provide a clear indication of the origin.
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718 Spyder RS

718 Spyder RS

Porsche - 718 RS sports steering wheel.
718 RS sports steering wheel.
Precise handling starts at the interface between driver and vehicle: with the 718 RS-specific sports steering wheel including the Yellow 12 o'clock marking. The Black gearshift paddles with Yellow markings ensure crisp, short gearshifts, just like in motor sport. The steering wheel rim is finished in Race-Tex. A circuit-tested microfibre material that provides good grip.
Porsche - PDK gear selector.
PDK gear selector.
The GT-specific design of the PDK gear selector is visually based on shift lever – with a manual gate. Grip area and selector gaiter are in Race-Tex, the shift pattern comes in Racing Yellow. The PDK gear selector is designed in the same way as sequential transmissions in racing cars. This means: the gear lever must be pushed forward in the manual gate to downshift and pulled back for shifting up.
Porsche - Race Tex interior.
Race Tex interior.
The circuit-tested Race-Tex microfibre material offers additional grip – for example on the steering wheel rim and the grip area of the PDK gear selector. The optional interior fittings offer an even more sporty Race-Tex feel. The contrast colours Arctic Grey or Carmine Red, depending on the equipment, set sporty, puristic accentuating details on the door pull loops, the decorative stitching or the perforated Race-Tex seat centre.
Porsche - Decorative panels in carbon-weave finish.
Decorative panels in carbon-weave finish.
The trim panels in carbon-weave finish (satin finish) – for example on the dashboard and centre console – emphasise the puristic, sporty character. In combination with the Weissach package, the badge with the 'Weissach RS' emblem sets a clear signature on the decorative panel of the cup holder. The door sill guards in carbon-weave finish (satin finish) with 'Spyder RS' lettering reflect the motorsport genes as soon as you get inside.
Porsche - Full bucket seats.
Full bucket seats.
The full bucket seats made of CFRP with carbon-weave finish and integrated thorax airbag offer particularly good lateral support with minimal weight. The seat centre is made of perforated Race-Tex with a Black underlay in Arctic Grey or, depending on the interior, in Carmine Red. The 'Spyder RS' lettering is embroidered on the headrests, and with the 'Weissach RS' emblem in combination with the Weissach package. The adaptive sports seats Plus with 18-way adjustment are available at no extra cost.
Porsche - Lightweight door trims.
Lightweight door trims.
Every gram counts on the circuit and on tight hairpin bends – for even more performance and driving dynamics. A contribution to the interior: lightweight door panels, door pull loops like those found in motorsport and lightweight storage nets instead of storage compartments. However, we did allow ourselves a little fun: the door pull loops and contrasting stitching in Arctic Grey or Carmine Red depending on the equipment, are an additional eye-catcher.
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Goosebumps guaranteed. In your ears.
Experience a symphony entitled '9,000 revolutions'.

Configure 718 Spyder RS model.

718 Spyder RS
Porsche 718 Spyder RS
USD 268.100
368 kW/500 PS
Potencia (kW)/Potencia (PS)
3,4 s
Aceleración de 0 - 100 km/h
308 km/h
Velocidad máxima
718 Spyder RS
USD 268.100
368 kW/500 PS
Potencia (kW)/Potencia (PS)
3,4 s
Aceleración de 0 - 100 km/h
308 km/h
Velocidad máxima
1.252 mm
1.822 mm
4.418 mm
2.482 mm
Technical Specs

Posición /Número de cilindros 6
Calibre 102,0 mm
Carrera 81,5 mm
Cilindrada 3.996 cm³
Potencia (kW) 368 kW
Potencia (PS) 500 PS
Potencia máx. RPM 8.400 r/min
Velocidad máx. del motor 9.000 r/min
Par Máximo (Nm) 450 Nm
Par motor máx. RPM 6.750 r/min

Velocidad máxima 308 km/h
Aceleración de 0 - 100 km/h 3,4 s
Aceleración de 0 - 160 km/h 7,1 s
Aceleración de 0 - 200 km/h 10,9 s

Ángulo de ataque con suspensión de acero (delantero / trasero) 6,5 - 10,6 °
Ángulo ventral (suspensión de acero) 10,3 °
Altura máxima al suelo (suspensión de acero) 79 mm

Longitud 4.418 mm
Ancho 1.822 mm
Ancho (sin espejos plegados) 1.994 mm
Altura 1.252 mm
Batalla 2.482 mm
Círculo de giro 11,4 m
Tara según DIN 1.410 kg
Tara según CE 1.485 kg
Peso máximo autorizado 1.755 kg
Carga máxima 345 kg

Tanque de combustible 54 l

Garantía 2 años sin limite de kilometraje. Lo invitamos a conocer nuestro plan de Garantía Extendida para su Porsche hasta por 15 años.
Intervalos de mantenimiento cada 10.000 km / un año
Garantía de pintura 3 años
Garantía contra corrosión 12 años; se debe realizar un informe sobre el estado del vehículo / garantía de larga duración cada 2 años.
Standard features

Tracción trasera
Función de inicio/parada automática
Inyección directa de combustible (DFI)
Bloque y culatas de aluminio
Bielas de titanio forjado
Refrigerado por agua con gestión térmica
Lubricación por cárter seco
Suministro de aceite con bomba de aceite de presión totalmente variable, 7 succión etapas, centrífuga de aceite y suministro de aceite adicional a través del cigüeñal
Múltiple de admisión variable con dos válvulas de resonancia conmutables y seis válvulas de mariposa individuales
Pedal acelerador electrónico
Velocidad máxima de funcionamiento del motor 9.000 rpm
Control de detonación selectivo de cilindros
4 válvulas por cilindro con balancines
Alternador con diodos de alta eficiencia
Recuperación del sistema eléctrico
Freno de estacionamiento controlado eléctricamente
Sistema de frenos con pinzas de freno pintadas en rojo
- Frenos delanteros de pinza fija monobloque de aluminio de 6 pistones - Frenos traseros de pinza fija monobloque de aluminio de 4 pistones - discos de freno compuestos con cámaras de freno de aluminio, diámetro 408 mm en la parte delantera y 380 mm en la parte trasera, internamente ventilado y con hoyuelos - Supervisión del desgaste de las pastillas de freno
Depósito de combustible con capacidad de 64 litros
Motor plano de aspiración natural de 6 cilindros, cilindrada de 4,0 litros
potencia máxima de salida 368 kW (500 PS), par máximo 450 nm
Eje trasero McPherson con muelles ligeros (incl. ayudante resortes), barra estabilizadora, todos los soportes de suspensión articulados
Dirección asistida electromecánica con relación de dirección variable y asistencia de dirección dependiente de la velocidad
Enfriador central
Porsche Stability Management (PSM) incl. ABS, con dos etapas conmutables (ESC OFF y ESC+TC OFF)
Control del árbol de levas VarioCam para válvulas de admisión y escape y gestión adaptativa de cilindros
Chasis ajustable para uso en pista de carreras (punta, camber, barras estabilizadoras)
Chasis de pista de carreras ajustable con configuración de amortiguador optimizada específica para RS y para autos abiertos. Sistema de amortiguación controlado electrónicamente con 2 diagramas "Normal" y "Sport" seleccionables manualmente, incl. descenso de 30 mm (en comparación con 718 Boxster)
Eje delantero McPherson con muelles ligeros (incl. ayudante resortes), barra estabilizadora, todos los soportes de suspensión articulados
Transmisión de doble embrague de 7 velocidades con control manual por levas de cambio en el volante y selector de marchas específico de GT. Incluye un modo automático
Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) con bloqueo mecánico trasero diferencial
Dos convertidores catalíticos de 3 vías y diagnóstico a bordo para monitoreo del sistema de control de emisiones, partículas de gasolina recubiertas filtros
Escape deportivo ligero de acero inoxidable con flujo optimizado sistema con 2 tubos de escape fabricados en acero inoxidable en Negro (alto brillo)
Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) suspensión deportiva con altura de manejo rebajada 30 mm

Ruedas de aluminio forjado 718 Cayman GT4 RS de 20 pulgadas

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPM)
Llantas pintadas en Darksilver

Logotipo 'PORSCHE' pintado en negro satinado
Tapón de llenado de combustible de diseño exclusivo
Concepto de vehículo de dos plazas con motor central
Revestimiento de bajos cerrado
Cubierta frontal de plástico reforzado con fibra de carbono (CFRP) en color exterior con entradas de aire negras NACA para enfriamiento de frenos
Dos aerodinámicos dinámicos en la tapa trasera de aluminio
Entradas de aire de proceso detrás del conductor y del pasajero en negro Nota: en combinación con el paquete Weissach opcional fabricado en acabado de tejido de carbono
Guardabarros fabricados en plástico reforzado con fibra de carbono (CFRP) en Color exterior, incluida la ventilación del paso de rueda en sintético negro.
Construcción ligera inteligente en aluminio y acero compuesto, así como piezas de plástico reforzado con fibra de carbono (PRFC)
Techo Spyder ligero manual en tela negra, compuesto por parasol con 2 aletas laterales orientadas hacia atrás y protección adicional contra la intemperie, velocidad máxima cerrada hasta 200 km/h, detalles en color de contraste, lazo externo para desbloquear en rojo
Franjas de designación de modelo "Spyder RS" en negro satinado
Parte inferior del faldón trasero en Negro con difusor que incluye aletas
Tomas de aire laterales con una rejilla, aletas laterales en sintético negro
Spoiler trasero fijo
Faldón delantero con grandes entradas de refrigeración con rejillas, así como borde del alerón con el logotipo "Spyder RS" y salida de aire central

Faros principales Bi-Xenon con conducción diurna LED integrada luces
Unidades de luces auxiliares LED tintadas
Retrovisores exteriores calefactables y regulables eléctricamente en la cintura de la puerta rieles, asféricos en el lado del conductor
Parabrisas con tinte más oscuro en la parte superior para reducir el deslumbramiento
Luces de lectura LED, iluminación de orientación y cerradura de encendido iluminación. Además maletero y guantera iluminación del compartimiento
Activación automática de faros incl. Iluminación 'Bienvenido a casa'
Sistema de lavado de parabrisas con limpiaparabrisas aerodinámicos y lavaparabrisas chorros
Partes internas seleccionadas en Negro, algunas transparentes. Misma función y geometría que las luces traseras estándar

Interior con elementos en cuero y Race-Tex, negro-gris ártico
Asientos de cubo completos
Pilares A en Race-Tex negro
Cuadro de instrumentos con cuentarrevoluciones central y alta resolución pantalla a color de 4,6 pulgadas
Esferas de instrumentos en negro con índices y escalas amarillas, revoluciones mostrador en color Titanio, logo 'Spyder RS'
Pantallas digitales para la velocidad del vehículo, la marcha seleccionada, el cuentakilómetros, el cuentakilómetros parcial y el tiempo
Paneles de puerta ligeros con red portaobjetos en negro y apertura bucles en gris ártico
Listones de salpicadero y moldura de la consola central en Satin Carbon
Aro del volante con marca central superior en amarillo
Pedales y reposapiés de aspecto deportivo
Paquete interior de carbono
- Bolsas de aire de tamaño completo para el conductor y el pasajero delantero - Porsche Side Impact Protection (POSIP), que comprende elementos de protección contra impactos en las puertas, airbag de tórax integrado en el refuerzo lateral de cada asiento y airbag de cabeza para el conductor y pasajero en cada panel de puerta
Volante deportivo RS con aro y PDK selector en Race-Tex
Almacenamiento y maletero
Palanca de cambio de marchas PDK con pasillo manual, zona de agarre y bolsa de cambio en Race-Tex, patrón de cambio en Amarillo Racing
Climatizador automático bizona
cinturones de seguridad negros
Inmovilizador con cierre centralizado a distancia
Tomas de 12 voltios en el espacio para los pies del pasajero y en la consola central Compartimiento de almacenaje
Cinturones de seguridad automáticos de tres puntos
Protectores de umbrales de puertas con acabado de tejido de carbono satinado con modelo designación 'Spyder RS' en plata

Elevalunas eléctricos con operación de un solo toque y protección del sello de la puerta y Cierre centralizado

Sound Package Plus: sistema de sonido con 6 altavoces y un salida total de 110 vatios, con amplificador integral y digital procesamiento de la señal
Porsche Communication Management (PCM)
Apple® CarPlay

Blanco, negro, amarilo racing, rojo guardia
Capota negra con detalles en color de contraste

PDK USD 268.100
Chronograph 718 Spyder RS.
The Chronograph 718 Spyder RS makes the perfect companion for drives on winding roads. Your sports car on your wrist.

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