Team made: the new 911 RSR.

Its edge? Over 30,000 race victories in 70 years. Its drive? Our team of engineers, mechanics, drivers and fans all over the world. The new 911 RSR is the 911 for the greatest challenges. The big races, from Sebring to Le Mans. And the most uncompromising GT endurance car we have ever built. Born in Flacht. Its destinations are the most challenging long-distance races in the world. Its strength: an overall concept perfectly tailored to the requirements of modern GT sports. But there is more to the new 911 RSR than the combined expertise of our engineers. It unites the dreams of our fans, our passion for motorsport and the inspiration of all those who share sports car fascination with us. They have made the new 911 RSR what it is: a race car, created by us all, together.
In short: the new 911 RSR – team made.