Special exhibition at the Porsche Museum60 Years of Porsche Clubs

From 26th of May to 26th of August 2012 a special exhibition of the Porsche Clubs and its great anniversary will be held for the first time in the history of the Clubs.

This year, the community of Porsche enthusiasts will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Porsche Clubs. It is a date that we would like to celebrate, as the 181,000 Club members worldwide with their excessive enthusiasm and close connection with the brand are a symbol for Porsche and our company.

The 26th of May 1952 was the start of a unique concept that today is brought to life at the events of 640 different Porsche Clubs all around the globe. At that time, the first union of this kind was formed with the foundation of the “Westfälischer Porsche Club Hohensyburg”.

The worldwide unique fan community of the Porsche Clubs makes us really proud. Therefore we are taking it as granted, that we declare the entire year 2012 as our anniversary event. We are already looking forward to the numerous different activities. The special “60 Years of Porsche Clubs” exhibition at the Porsche Museum will be a highlight.


Video "60 Years of Porsche Clubs"