Porsche - Final assembly and completion

Final assembly and completion

Final chapter in the restoration story: the Porsche 911 T is reborn

Elegant, streamlined, sporty and stunning to behold – when almost a full year’s work comes to such a resplendent conclusion, the seasoned experts from Porsche Classic can’t help but feel proud about the masterpiece they have created. The Porsche 911 T Coupé, US version, built in 1973, is showing its vitality and class once more. Fully restored and back to its original condition, it radiates 70s charm. The classic model of old has turned into a sought-after collector’s item.

For “Revive the Passion”, the joint project of Porsche Club of America (PCA), Porsche Club Service and Porsche Classic, the happy ending is almost here. After the vehicle is raffled off among PCA members, the winner will take delivery of the precious object at the Porsche Parade in the USA in August and can then revive the passion. The Porsche classic is (road) ready.

Too good to drive or too good to just stand and look at? That’s a question that the new owner will have to decide for themselves. Chances are that the temptation to drive the 911 T will just be too great. But that’s what a Porsche is built for, no matter how old it is. Before the first spin, however, the experts from Porsche Classic carry out their final acceptance. In other words, an in-depth check that even a fully restored Porsche classic has to undergo. Essentially an important step that gives the Porsche its green light.

The final acceptance stage was started by the mechanic. After completion of the 911 T, he checked all of the vehicle’s functions while stationary: horn, lights, brakes, power windows and the entire electrics. Then the suspension was aligned and the chassis and vehicle height optimally adjusted. Next came the brakes, which had to undergo an endurance test on the test stand. The first person allowed to take the 911 for a spin, as always, was the workshop foreman. The on-road function test allowed the foreman to note down anything out of the ordinary with pinpoint accuracy. For example noises that indicate the possibility of a component not having been optimally fitted. After his return, the technicians worked through the list to optimise the vehicle. Then it was the turn of workshop manager Jochen Bader. He repeated the drive and noted down any defects he noticed. These were then also corrected on the vehicle. Two people, two different opinions – one goal: a perfectly functioning vehicle.

The Porsche 911 T covered around 700 kilometres during testing. The specialists from Porsche Classic know from experience that if something is working properly after this distance, it will also be alright in future. This also runs in the engine so that the performance test can then be performed. The Porsche 911 T was accelerated to its top speed on the test bench, allowing the engine to unleash its full power - as it did in 1973. And how did it do? The 2.4-litre flat engine developed 140 hp at 5,600 rpm.

The technological and driving tests were followed by auditing, quality checking of the exterior panelling in accordance with Porsche specifications. This involves placing the vehicle on a special audit surface in the workshop that is marked with yellow lines and specially illuminated. The vehicle is then divided into so-called fault zones that are individually assessed. The yellow lines reflect any defects in the underbody protection and in the paint, making irregularities instantly visible.

The Porsche Classic specialists’ work was then complete.
The 911 T is ready for the road – and for its new owner. Workshop manager Jochen Bader will personally accompany the vehicle to Stuttgart Airport to oversee the securing and packing of the valuable freight on the aluminium pallet. Goodbye, 911 T. We wish you a good flight – and a long future!

Porsche Final assembly and completion - Project Announcement

Project announcement

Porsche Final assembly and completion - Arrival and disassembly

Arrival and disassembly

Porsche Final assembly and completion - Gearbox


Porsche Final assembly and completion - Body work and Paint Removal

Body and paint removal

Porsche Final assembly and completion - Body Work: Reconstruction

Reconstructing the body

Porsche Final assembly and completion - Engine


Porsche Final assembly and completion - CDPB and paint finish

CDPB and paint finish

Porsche Final assembly and completion - Interior


Porsche Final assembly and completion - Final assembly and completion

Final assembly and completion

Porsche Final assembly and completion - Handover to the winner, Porsche Parade 2011

Handover to the winner

Porsche Final assembly and completion - 911 T in the Porsche Museum

911 T in the Porsche Museum