October - December

Porsche subsidiary MHP enjoys strong turnover growth once againLeading automotive experts among German process and IT consultants

Freiberg am Neckar. Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP) Gesell-
schaft für Management- und IT-Beratung mbH, based in Freiberg am Neckar, continued its rapid growth in the 2007/08 financial year
(July 31) and built further on its position in the process and IT consultancy market. The company, which is 74.8 percent owned by
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, increased its turn-over by 38 percent to
68.6 million Euros (previous year: 49.8 million Euros). Around two thirds of the turnover came from external clients, with one third earned from the Porsche Group. At the same time, the number of employees rose by
14 percent to 413 (July 31). This means that MHP is currently Porsche's fastest growing subsidiary.

With its combination of process and IT consulting, MHP offers its customers one-stop advice on the whole process chain - from planning through implementation to the management of IT solutions. Alongside Porsche AG, the company works for more than 200 clients, primarily from the automotive industry. Currently, 90 percent of the 25 most important German automotive suppliers rely on the consultancy skills of MHP.

As an automotive specialist, MHP therefore has its own premises in the most important centers of the German automotive industry. Alongside its head office in Freiberg am Neckar, MPH has its own branches in Ludwigsburg, Munich, Essen and Wolfsburg. To ensure that its phenomenal growth continues, MHP made the leap abroad for the first time in the 2007/08 financial year, founding a subsidiary company in Zürich (Switzerland).

On the road to success since its foundation

Since the foundation of the company in May 1996 by Dr. Lutz Mieschke and Dr. Ralf Hofmann, MHP has shown continual growth in both turnover and staff. At the beginning of 1999, Porsche AG acquired a stake of
49 percent in MHP and made the consultancy the leading IT service provider within the Porsche Group. As a consequence, MHP focused on expanding its automotive industry com-petence and concentrated increasingly on automotive manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and importers. By 2003, Porsche had gradually increased its stake to
74.8 percent.

Taking the lead as a process and IT consultancy specialist

MHP supports its clients by analyzing all processes inside and outside the company, across the whole value creation chain, and optimizing them with the aid of information technology. For automotive manufacturers, for example, this starts with all the proc-esses required for the development of new models and extends to cover procurement and production through to vehicle sales and customer service. Using special methods, such as value flow analyses, the MHP consultants can discover weaknesses and develop optimum structures. In this way, MHP consistently works with its clients to implement the lean production philosophy, which simultaneously leads to tangible cost reductions.

MHP not only advises its clients on optimum process design, but also on the expansion of their IT infrastructure. Software manufacturers offer standard solutions for a wide range of industry sectors. The task of the MHP consultant is to select the right applications, assess the available software and adapt it to the client's individual requirements.

This includes specially tailored solutions, such as for the exchange of business documents such as invoices or delivery notes. In many cases, this exchange already takes place electronically, but there are still mistakes - data is transmitted partially, incorrectly or not at all. This costs the company a great deal of time and consequently money. This is precisely where a solution developed by MHP can be used. Once installed, it allows the convenient exchange of electronic business documents.

However, MHP also supports its clients after the projects are completed - consultants maintain IT solutions and continue to develop them further, guaranteeing long term success.

Great reputation in the market

Back in 2001, MHP was the first company to be honored by the Walldorf software company SAP for particular consultancy skills. Today, the Porsche subsidiary is the "SAP Strategic Partner for the Automotive Industry".

According to a survey by the market research company Lünendonk GmbH, MHP is now one of the 25 biggest consultancy companies in the field of information technology (IT) in Germany.

In a current image study by the European School of Business (ESB) Reutlingen, MHP claimed its top position as the company with the highest level of automotive competence among German process and IT consultancies.

MHP in overview - Facts and Figures

1996 by Dr. Ralf Hofmann and Dr. Lutz Mieschke

Consultancy Area:
Process and IT consultancy for the automotive industry

413 (7.31.2008)
462 (10.6.2008)

68.6 million Euros (2007/08 financial year)
49.8 million Euros (2006/07 financial year)
39.7 million Euros (2005/06 financial year)

More than 200 companies, primarily from the automotive industry;
a third of the biggest German industrial companies (by turnover);
90 percent of the most important automotive suppliers in Germany;
35 of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers;
five German automotive manufacturers

Dr. Ralf Hofmann, Partner and Chairman of the Board;
Frank Dettke, Commercial Managing Director

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart: 74.8 percent;
Dr. Ralf Hofmann, Dr. Lutz Mieschke: 25.2 percent