July - September

Porsche employees' representatives are solidly behind the Executive Board Hück: "Only the works councils can solve the dispute about codetermination together with IG Metall"

Stuttgart. The works council meeting of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, has unanimously - as did the SE works council members' meeting last week - shown solidarity with the boards of the
Porsche Automobil Holding SE. Uwe Hück, Chairman of the Porsche Group Works Council and General Works Council, says: "We resist absolutely the overt and hidden attacks on the Porsche Executive Board, which are harmful and unobjective. Indeed, it is the Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking, who is the guarantor of the economic success of our company, of secure jobs and social equality. We make this statement deliberately as members of IG Metall."

Hück pointed out that over the last 16 years, Porsche had written a success story which is unique in the automotive industry: "Porsche today has the best image in Germany and enjoys high social acceptance. We have doubled our number of employees, increased productivity and quality, and at the same time acquired the means which have enabled us to become the largest shareholder in VW, and thus protect the Volks-
wagen Group from a hostile takeover. We should all be proud of this achievement - board members, works council members, representatives of the metalworkers' union and, of course, Porsche employees", Hück emphasized.

The Porsche workers' representatives expressly welcomed the willing-
ness of their colleagues from VW to participate in the voting for the works council of Porsche Automobil Holding SE. Hück said he was assuming that the IG-Metall head office in Frankfurt would provide positive support for this process: "It cannot be the task of the Executive Boards of both companies to arbitrate on the codetermination issue. Only we, the members of the works councils of Volkswagen and Porsche, are called upon to find a solution together with IG Metall. Only if we return to the negotiating table can we finally settle this dispute."

At the works council meeting, which takes place annually, the Porsche Executive Board gave its report on the current situation of the enterprise. The body consists of 60 works council members.