July - September

Porsche will again offer 100 training positionsOpen day at the training workshop in Zuffenhausen

Stuttgart. This Friday afternoon, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG will invite visitors to its training workshop in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen to learn about attractive training opportunities at Porsche. Secondary school pupils and those studying for university entrance exams can visit the training workshop in Stammheimer Strasse from 1 pm and learn about the 15 different careers in which Porsche currently offers training. Porsche is looking for motivated school leavers who wish to pursue a career in the technical or commercial sector. The company is offering 100 training positions for September 2009.

“As a premium manufacturer, we grant highest priority to quality and customer satisfaction,” explains Dieter Esser, Head of Professional Training at Porsche. “That's why our career entrants are trained to become highly qualified specialists, able to make their contribution to the future success of our company through their ambitious and forward-
thinking action.” All trainees who have previously successfully completed their training have then entered into an open-ended employment contract with Porsche.

Along with the traditional career paths including vehicle outfitter, painter and automobile mechatronics engineer, for the first time Porsche is offering training to become an ‘automotive industrial mechanic’. After three and a half years, the graduated trainees will be able to take on different tasks in vehicle production and so be more flexible within the company.

This time around, Porsche once again hopes to allocate approximately 40 percent of the technical training positions to students from Haupt-
schulen (secondary schools in Germany with a more vocational focus). “In our experience, there are very motivated and technically gifted young people in Hauptschulen, especially those aiming for the Werkrealschule qualification," says Esser. This qualification is equivalent to graduation from a Realschule, a secondary school with a more academic focus. Secondary school graduates can choose from four study courses at the University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart: mechanical engineering, information management, electrical engineering and industrial engineering.

The sports car manufacturer is currently training around 350 young people. Nearly 300 of them work at the Headquarters in Zuffenhausen and other locations in the Stuttgart region, while the rest are based at the Porsche plant in Leipzig - where both the Cayenne and the fourth Porsche model series, the Panamera, will be produced from 2009.

Those interested should apply to Porsche one year before the next traineeship begins. You can ask for more details at tomorrow’s open day or refer to the company’s website.