January - March

Porsche to start production of the 911 again on Monday Shortfall of about 800 vehicles can be made good

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, will be starting production of the 911 series again next Monday,  March 3, at the main factory in Zuffenhausen. Production was stopped last Monday following a deflagration that occurred in the paint shop, in which a PVC fusion oven was badly damaged. The material damage, amounting to several hundred thousand Euros, is largely covered by insurance.

The causes of the accident have now been identified. External experts have ascertained that the gas escape was due to a technical defect. An examination of the other ovens has shown that they are in perfect working order and fully functional.

By adopting special measures, it will be possible to compensate the production backlog of 800 vehicles that arose during this week in the course of the current business year.