January - March

Fuel line rearrangedPorsche Cayenne

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is rearranging the fuel line in the engine compartment of 18,856 vehicles of the Cayenne model worldwide. This affects vehicles which were produced between November 30, 2006 and January 18, 2008.

There is the possibility with these vehicles that the slight movements of the engine when traveling could cause a fuel line to come in contact with the engine compartment cladding. This could cause a knocking sound and abrasion markings could occur on the fuel line itself. Up to now, there have been five known complaints worldwide, but only one instance in which any abrasion markings appeared on the fuel line. In order to avoid any further problems, Porsche is going to change the layout of the fuel line in the vehicles concerned.

Time in the workshop is about 40 minutes. For the customers, who will be advised of this shortly, the procedure is free of charge.