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Porsche achieves record number of German registrations in 2007Stuttgart sports car manufacturer defies negative national trend in Germany

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, was able to achieve continued growth in its home market, Germany, in the calendar year 2007. With 17,663 vehicle registrations, the figures for the previous year were exceeded by one percent (2006: 17,490), meaning that Porsche Deutschland notched up a record number of registrations for the sixth time in a row. This result is all the more remarkable as Porsche, together with Smart, was the only German manufacturer to show growth against the trend. The market in Germany as a whole declined by 9.2 percent during this time.

A big share of the growth can be ascribed to the Cayenne series, with registrations increasing by 17.8 percent to 4,832 unit sales (previous year: 4,101). Here it should be emphasized that the new second generation models have only been in the dealers’ showrooms since the end of February, but sold really well right from the start. The 911 series also bettered its sales figures, going up to 8,507 vehicle sales (previous year: 8,393), with the introduction of the new 911 Turbo Cabriolet and the top model 911 GT2 making a positive impact. Together, unit sales of the mid-engine models Boxster and Cayman totaled 4,213, representing a 14.4 percent decrease on the previous year’s figures (previous year: 4,920).

Bernhard Maier, Managing Director of Porsche Deutschland GmbH, says: “This recent growth in a difficult market environment demonstrates that our present range of models suits the customers’ taste. I am therefore confident that we shall be able to pursue our growth trend in Germany in the current year without discount actions from the manufacturer.”