April - June

"Moments of Movements" premieres at the Porsche Center in StuttgartPorsche exhibits sculptures by Prof. Jürgen Goertz

Stuttgart. Traditionally, a commitment to culture has always played an important role at Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart. Now, the sports car manufacturer has branched out into entirely new terrain while still focusing on the subject of design: sculpture. Professor Jürgen Goertz, one of the most important sculptors of his generation, has created a multimedia installation on the subject of evolution called "Moments of Movements", based on the chassis of a 911. The installation will be on display to the public for the first time today at the Porsche branch in Stuttgart.

This imposing piece, which the artist has been working on for around 13 years, combines various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, gold leaf, and plastic. The sculpture, which measures almost three meters high and around five meter wide, stimulates all the senses: Individual pieces are powered by electric motors and revolve. A monitor shows moving pictures, integrated speakers provide the appropriate sound. From time to time, a fog machine enshrouds the piece in a mysterious cloud. Then, the only way that the sculpture can attract attention is with the light of its fiber optic projectors, thus establishing contact with the viewer.

"Moments of Movements is not a commissioned piece," emphasized Porsche's Human Resources Director Harro Harmel. "Professor Goertz approached us in 1993 to ask if we would provide him with a 911 chassis. As we knew his previous works well and were convinced of the quality of his artistic work, we were of course happy to do so. However, nobody knew what he would do with the chassis," said the Human Resources Director.

Jürgen Goertz was able to give his creativity free reign in line with the credo: Art can inspire reflection, be provocative or simply just be beautiful. "The viewer must generally decide for himself if a work of art speaks to him personally or not. At any rate, we are thrilled with Moments of Movements," said Harmel.

Ten other works by Goertz that were created in the past few months and years are also on display. The artist, who lives in Angelbachtal, south of Heidelberg, prefers working with the materials aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, gold leaf, or nickel silver, sometimes high gloss, sometimes matt.

For his latest work, completed just a few days before the exhibition, Goertz found inspiration in the World Cup, which is being held in Germany. The result is the sculpture "Footballad", symbolizing the birth of a football player.

"There have always been cultural events in our Porsche Centers, but this exhibition is really something special as the connection to Porsche and our sports cars is recognizable in many ways. Moments of Movements is simply moving – in the truest sense of the word. It is quite a fitting title for a touring exhibition," said Managing Director of Porsche Deutschland GmbH, Bernhard Maier, who is hosting the elaborate art exhibition.

The exhibition runs until the end of September at the Porsche branch in Zuffenhausen. Afterwards, the installations will be on exhibit at the following Porsche Centers: South Munich, Northwest Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Essen. The works will also be displayed in Leipzig.


Exhibitions and sculptures – a selection

1989 - Three large sculptures for the International Sculpture Exhibition Artluminium in Montreal
1990 - Two large sculptures Yokohama, Japan
1992 - Private exhibition in Luxembourg
1994 - "Monuments Moments" exhibition in front of the Reichstag in Berlin
1997 - Large sculpture exhibition in the park of the Mumm Academy, Eltville
2000 - S-Printing Horse large sculpture for the Print Media Academy, Heidelberg
2001 - Private exhibition in Ulm Art concept for the Villa Visconti and the Hillerplatz in Bietigheim
2003 - "Ansbach beflügelt" exhibition in the center of Ansbach
2004 - Completion of the private sculpture garden in Angelbachtal
2006 - Moments of Movements

Curriculum vitae of Prof. Jürgen Goertz

1939 - Born in Albrechtshagen/Posen
1963-66 - Studied sculpture at the Sculpture Academy in Karlsruhe, exam in are education
1966-68 - Scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
1968-69 - Attended the Camberwell School of Art in London
1970 - Married painter Christa Heyn
1971-72 - Guest lecturer at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Karlsruhe
1972-73 - Villa-Massimo Prize, Rome
1973 - Preis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland at the Biennale in Florence
1974 - Birth of daughter Eva-Julia
1975 - Working grant from the Kulturkreises in BDI
1978 - Berlin Art Prize
2004 - Awarded the honorary title "Professor h.c." by the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Erwin Teufel
2005 - Guest lecturer at the New York Studio School, New York