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Exotic encounter: Porsche Cayman S meets its "natural namesakes"Stuttgart sports car manufacturer adopts Wilhelma caimans

Stuttgart. On the exact date of the launch of the Cayman S, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG is undertaking a special kind of cooperation at its home location. From Saturday, November 26, 2005, the Cayman S will not just be in Porsche showrooms for the first time, ready to roll out to its new owners. At the same time, the South German sports car manufacturer will officially adopt a group of four caimans at Stuttgart's Wilhelma Zoo on this day. For five years, Marajo, Rana, Siri and Kaya – a male and three females – will be "adopted" by Porsche AG, which is supporting them with a sum of €10,000 Euros.

Just as the Cayman S is celebrating its debut, this adoption agreement is also a first – both for Porsche AG and the Wilhelma. This is the first time that Porsche has participated in this kind of animal welfare, and the first time in the history of the Wilhelma that an automobile company has adopted an animal.

The "broad-snouted caimans", native to rivers and swamps from Brazil to Uruguay, live in the Amazon House of the zoological botanical garden, where in future a sign on the enclosure will inform visitors of the "animal connection" with Porsche . "The caimans, species Caiman Iatirostris, are one of the world's most endangered species. We are all the more delighted to know that these animals now enjoy the protection and support of Porsche," said the Director of the Wilhelma, Professor Dieter Jauch, at the presentation of the adoption certificate to the sports car manufacturer.

As a part of the Boxster series, it is no coincidence that the Cayman S has taken its name from the animal kingdom: caimans belong to the family Crocodylidae, but unlike the much larger crocodiles are far more flexible, agile, and unerring with faster reactions. The "snappy" characteristics do not just apply to the new sports car with its 295 HP (217 kW) six-cylinder engine. As a company, Porsche itself is small, agile and highly flexible, which again and again has successfully stood as "David" against industry goliaths.

However, in addition to the caimans there is one more thing that connects Porsche AG with the Wilhelma – Porsche is not the only one to enjoy an excellent public image. In a survey, 3,400 people from Stuttgart were asked "What do you love most about Stuttgart?" – the Wilhelma was at the very top of their list this year.


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