October - December

Start of building for new Porsche museumRemarkable architecture project enters next phase

AG, Stuttgart, officially started construction of its new museum, an undertaking that represents the company’s most spectacular architectural project to-date. The sign itself, in the form of a round sculpture located in the middle of Porscheplatz, shows pictures from company’s history and provokes interest in the future building. At a cost of EUR 50 million, a museum that is sure to grab attention due to its extraordinary design and is based on the designs of Vienna-based architect Delugan Meissl is taking shape at the company’s head office. A dynamically formed, monolithic body appears to hover over the ground and the first floor of the building. If the building initially appears unusual to observers, this only serves to increase its charm.

With a surface area of around 5,000 square meters, the museum will alternately display 80 valuable historical vehicles and other exhibits from the history of the company. The exhibition will mainly concentrate on the period from 1948, when Porsche built its first own-brand sports car. A chronological overview will show the company’s product history. Special subject areas will provide extensive information, for example on Porsche’s motor sports activities, particular vehicles or the numerous development projects. An historical sports cars workshop and the archive will provide further interesting insights. The museum, which is expected to be opened in 2007, will also provide an extensive range of catering services, a museum shop, and a spacious conference area that can be used to host events.