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Angela Merkel and Annette Schavan call in at PorscheHigh-ranking CDU politicians visit the Weissach development center

Stuttgart/Weissach. The chairwoman of the German CDU, Dr Angela Merkel, and Baden-Wuerttemberg's Secretary of Education, Dr Annette Schavan, today joined Dr Wendelin Wiedeking, CEO of the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, for an exchange of ideas. The hour-long conversation at the Porsche development center in Weissach centered on politico-economic subjects such as the competitiveness of German companies and of Germany as a business location.

During the talks, Dr Wiedeking underlined that Germany could only improve its employment situation by means of strong economic growth. For this objective, it would be necessary for all groups within society to demonstrate a constructive attitude, the Porsche CEO continued. He emphasized the overriding significance of educational policy with regard to the future of Germany as a business center: "The quality of our junior scientists and engineers is more important for Germany's competitiveness than the labor costs." He thanked the Secretary of Education for her various initiatives aimed at inspiring students to take up technical and natural science-related careers.

Besides the development center, Dr Wiedeking also introduced the two politicians to the new 911, which will make its first appearance at German Porsche Centers on July 17, 2004. Dr Merkel and Dr Schavan later had the opportunity to experience the distinctive driving characteristics of a 911 Turbo and of a Cayenne on the Porsche test track.

GO 2004-06-21

No. 94