July - September

Porsche Boxster in great demand in North AmericaSupply bottlenecks put the brakes on dispatch of 911

Stuttgart. In June 2005, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, sold 2,770 vehicles in North America. Although deliveries in the USA and Canada were down by 7 percent compared with June of the previous year (2,979 units), the sales level is still strong.

The Boxster gave sales a clear boost: deliveries in June rose to 869 units, up 86 percent. This illustrates the great response evoked by the new generation of the roadster among North American customers. Cayenne sales, however, were on the decline, down 21 percent to 1,217 units.

Deliveries of the 911 fell by 30 percent to 665 vehicles. This decline is solely due to a supply bottleneck and has nothing to do with wavering demand for the new generation of the 911 series. Quite the contrary: the 911 remains in great demand in North America, as demonstrated not least by the many advance orders for the sports car. In June, 19 of the high-performance Carrera GT sports car were delivered, compared with 17 vehicles in June of the previous year.