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Information regarding Free and Open Source Software

Note: The following form is only for customers who have questions regarding Free and Open Source Software.

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG (“Porsche”) utilizes the so-called “Free and Open Source Software” in its products. These are software components which have been publicly released by programmers under specific conditions and which are used and distributed by Porsche as part of its products. Some of these conditions require, among other things, that we make available to you as user of our products, license texts, copyright notices and, if applicable, the source codes of the used Free and Open Source Software components and derivative works, or provide you with other information or support.

If the license conditions require to provide the source code, you will find a corresponding offer in the license notes of the respective Porsche software, which are included in the software itself or were delivered with it. You can request the respective source code from us via this website and request form and you can also contact us with regard to other conditions of the license terms to which you refer.

In order to provide you with the appropriate source code or to be able to answer your requests, please provide the details of the Porsche product to which you refer, the exact identification of the specific Free and Open Source Software component whose source code you would like to receive and the corresponding offer to obtain the source code or, if applicable, the other license conditions to which you refer.

We trust that you will understand that we have to charge you for a compensation of our reasonable expenses required for the production and dispatch of a physical data medium for the source code. The same applies to expenses due to other support. We will clarify the details with you individually for your specific case.

If you have any further comments or questions about the use of Free and Open Source Software by Porsche, we welcome you to get in contact with us.

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