Origin911 RSR

Holding your position is a question of physics.
And attitude.

No-one can deny their roots. The Porsche heritage affects the way every one of our cars responds, including the new 911 RSR. All athletes strive to improve their performance. Every high-achieving sports personality is determined to transcend their own limits.

The new 911 RSR originates from an area of unspoilt beauty close to Stuttgart: the Development Centre is located in Weissach with the Motorsport Centre in nearby Flacht. Here, an extreme sports personality was created based on the seventh generation of the 911. Made by hand with millimetre precision, it embodies many years of experience and skill.

Each individual vehicle presents a mechanical and technical challenge, which is risen to by employees dedicated to this task alone. Constant dialogue with works drivers ensures that their ideas are incorporated. All this happens with the aim of giving the Porsche factory team the best possible tool for their return to long-distance GT racing. The entire development process behind the new top Porsche GT racing model is driven by passion, engineering talent, craftsmanship and practicality. Because at Porsche we are not just focused on increasing performance, but on achieving outstanding performance. A claim to which the 911’s fifty-year success story attests.