The car911 RSR

A timeline that has been leading to the future since 1963:
the racing line.

The quintessence of a success story. For some it is the ideal culmination, for Porsche only an interim stage in our journey. To coincide with the fiftieth anniversary, the new 911 RSR is the most concentrated form of this classic sports car that we’ve ever produced. And perhaps brings us ever closer to the perfect thoroughbred racing car.

It carries the motorsport gene inside and with it – from the Weissach Development Centre to racetracks around the world. It brings back something that, for Porsche, has always been more precious than victory, honour or glory: knowledge. Experiences that can take future generations of the 911 even further. Technology that proves itself on the racetrack prior to its application in series production. Not just to keep Ferry Porsche’s dream of the perfect racing car alive but to continually reinvigorate our quest.