Mobil 1

Porsche and ExxonMobil – Racing together towards success

Since 1996, Porsche and ExxonMobil - two of the most technologically advanced and highly innovative brands in the automotive world - have been working together to deliver cutting-edge performance and technology, resulting in unrivalled motorsport success.

The drive for technical perfection and racing success present throughout Porsche’s own history is reflected in the passion and determination of ExxonMobil to provide the most advanced lubricants to support and facilitate Porsche’s exceptional achievement in the world of motorsport. Nowhere is this synergy between the two brands better illustrated than in Mobil 1’s support of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup racing series. Furthermore, alongside Porsche’s return to the pinnacle of endurance motorsports racing in the 2014 Le Mans LMP1 class, Mobil 1 racing engineers are set to deliver technical support as the team’s exclusive lubrication partner.

The same lubricant which succeeds on the race circuit also delivers everyday driving benefits of reduced exhaust emissions, improved engine reliability and extended oil change intervals for every Porsche owner. This explains why Porsche has factory-filled by now over one million Porsche vehicles with the same 0W-40 grade of Mobil 1 and why it is recommended by Porsche for every service oil change.

Mobil 1