Porsche - Expedition 3: Africa

Expedition 3: Africa

The wilderness calls.
Let your engine respond.



Africa– a wild continent full of diversity and contrasts. A land of cold nights and warm days – where the cities pulse and nature is untouched, and the culture is as varied as the unique animal life. Add lots of gravel, sand, and dust, and it seems like the continent is almost created for an unforgettable road trip adventure. You just need to add a Porsche – and stamina in overload.

The starting shot rings in Johannesburg, the world-famous metropolis of South Africa. At one of the largest Porsche center in the world, you take a seat in your expedition car – a Porsche Cayenne. Start the engine and the chase begins, into the endless wilderness. Experience pure energy in the wild, that echoes the animal world around you. At the Makgadikgadi-Pans National Park, meet a wide variety of game – elephants, zebras and hippos.


Victoria Falls

A true force of nature awaits you at Victoria Falls. At 1,000 meters above sea level, it’s not only the performance of your Porsche that is impressive, but also the colossal power of the water falls. Over long and dusty dirt-tracks, absorb the breath-taking beauty of the "real Africa", as you push yourself and your car to the limit to reach the north as far as Lusaka. And an adventure in a Porsche also takes place outside of the driver's seat, when you sleep beneath the African starry sky, as lions and hyenas increase their speed at night.



Throughout the adventures and gravel roads, there is also time to relax. The 42-degree Kapishya springs offers a unique climate and forms the perfect backdrop to recharge your batteries before the next section of the route. After eight exciting and intensive driving days, an end to the rally is in sight. An end to the adventure, but not for long.


Lake-Manyara-National Park

It’s safari time and a chance to experience an authentic feeling of true freedom at the world-famous Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. Here, the breath-taking view of the Manyara Lake, hundreds of flamingos, gentle giraffes and the unique tree-climbing lions await you.



A sight that will also take your breath away is the panorama of the Ngorongoro crater - one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the world. With a little luck and adrenaline, you also witness another world tour – the legendary wild animal migration. Experience hundreds of thousands of zebras, wildebeests and gazelles cross the Serengeti. While the animals end their journey in northern Kenya, you reach your final destination – at the river bank of the legendary Mara River, where millions of animals cross, dodging hungry crocodiles.


The great migration

In short: what you need to pack for your expedition through the wild continent is adventure, endurance and victory. The routes you expect are varied and challenging – for both drivers and cars. Intense driving….on time...kilometer after kilometer after kilometer.

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