Time for an oil change

A world premiere: Porsche Classic Motoroil.
Just in time for the new year, Porsche Classic is launching its own engine oil for air-cooled flat-four and flat-six engines onto the market. And if it says Porsche Classic on the label, then you can be sure that there is Porsche Classic inside.

In collaboration with the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, the Porsche Classic experts have developed the new engine oil with the specific aim of meeting the demands of the 356 and 911 models (including the 993 model range). The oil's operating behaviour and lubricating properties were put to the test in extensive laboratory-based tests and practical trials. Porsche Classic Motoroil is available in two versions: 20W-50 and 10W-60.

The engine is the heart of each and every Porsche, and air-cooled flat engines place particular demands on a lubricant. In short: not just any engine oil is suitable for older flat engines. The development of an engine oil for classic air-cooled flat engines has therefore been like a balancing act between tradition and innovation: as advanced as possible and as traditional as necessary. Although modern oils are better from a technical point of view, this is not the case when it comes to classic air-cooled flat engines. For example, the low viscosity of a 0W-30 oil can result in leaks in a 356 engine, because of the higher production tolerances at the time these engines were produced.

Porsche Classic Motoroil.

  • Designed specifically for classic air-cooled flat engines
  • Designed as 20W-50 for the 356, 914 and early 911 models
  • Developed as 10W-60 for 911 models with a displacement of 3.0 litres or more
  • Tested in laboratory and practical trials
  • Adapted to suit the alloys and sealing materials used at the time
  • Excellent high-temperature resistance and shear stability
  • Optimum wear and corrosion protection
  • "Engineered by Porsche"
  • “Made in Germany”
  • Designed in the Porsche Weissach Design Studio

Time for an oil change.
To ensure that the heart of your classic Porsche remains healthy in future, you should always remember to change the oil regularly. The oil change intervals for individual vehicle and engine types can be found in the relevant Driver's Manuals. Engine oil should be changed once a year regardless of distance travelled, as short trips can have a particularly adverse impact on oil. Frequent cold starts mean that increased quantities of fuel, combustion products and moisture enter the oil.

Your first port of call for an oil change should be your Porsche Partner, where customers can purchase Porsche Classic Motoroil in one or five-litre cans.

You can obtain these and other Porsche Classic Genuine Parts from your Porsche Classic Partner or Porsche Centre.

Porsche Classic engine oils

20W-50 for the 356, 914 and early 911 models
For all 356, 914 and 911 models (up to the 2.7-litre G model), Porsche recommends the multi-grade version with a viscosity of 20W-50. This ensures optimum care of classic engines in both hot and cold condition, low levels of deposits and good compatibility with the materials used in the engines, such as cork seals or leaded bearing shells.

20W-50, 1 litre - part no.: 00004320928
20W-50, 5 litres - part no.: 00004320929

Also required are the following accessories:
• Oil filter for 356, 914, 911 F, 911 G
• Oil change label: 20W-50 - part no.: PCG04320928
• Oil sticker, engine compartment: 20W-50 - part no.: PCG04320005

10W-60 for the 911 with a displacement of 3.0 litres or more
10W-60 for 911 models with a displacement of 3.0 litres or more. For an engine of 3.0 litres or more with dry-sump lubrication, the air-cooled flat-six engines of the 911 are more suited to fully synthetic oils. They allow the engine to reap all the benefits of technological advances in oil development.

Porsche Classic Motoroil provides the engine with optimum care and keeps it clean – both during cold starting and when hot at full throttle.

10W-60, 1 litre - part no.: 00004320930
10W-60, 5 litres - part no.: 00004320931

Also required are the following accessories:
• Oil filter for 911 G, 964, 993
• Oil change label: 10W-60 - part no.: PCG04320930
• Oil sticker, engine compartment: 10W-60 - part no.: PCG04320006


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