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Porsche - Rush of Color

Rush of Color

Tim Layzell paints racing scenes. His aim is to enable viewers to feel their power and speed. Many of the world’s races are captured on his canvases.

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Porsche - Take Two

Take Two

More than a mere race car, it was one of the camera cars for the movie The Speed Merchants. Lost for years, it was tracked down, saved from the junkyard, and restored. Christophorus presents the rich history of a 911 ST 2.5.

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Porsche - Living-Room Racers

Living-Room Racers

Melding reality with the virtual world: developers of the racing video game Forza Motorsport 7 worked closely with the engineers in Weissach to create an experience that’s incredibly lifelike. The star of the game: the most powerful 911 of all time.

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Porsche - Asphalt Art

Asphalt Art

In Norway’s grandiose landscapes, roads dance between the fjords and the mountains. A drive with the new Porsche Cayenne on roads that are much more than just the connection of two points.

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Porsche - Mission: Future

Mission: Future

Porsche will enter Formula E with a new motorsport strategy and its own factory team in late 2019. Board Member for Research and Development Michael Steiner and LMP1 Director Fritz Enzinger explain why.

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Porsche - Sun on Wheels

Sun on Wheels

A 3,022-kilometer race across Australia powered solely by the sun. A team of students from RWTH Aachen University are entering the World Solar Challenge—with the help of specialists from Porsche Motorsports.

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Fuel Consumption and Emissions

911 GT2 RS
l/100 km
The new Cayenne
l/100 km