April / May 2007

If you're curious and would like to know more about our Porsche magazine, you’ll find selected articles here for you to read as a sample.

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The Globetrotter

The new Cayenne roars onto the scene. On the Iberian Peninsula, the current models of the sporty SUV show what’s in them.

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High-Tech Atomizers

Direct Fuel Injection is among the most important developments in the engines of the new Cayenne models. It’s all built around a little part with a big punch.

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At Posche’s new Motorsports Center in Weissach, the succesful models RS Spyder and 911 GT3 RSR are created completely by hand in the style of classic manufacturing.

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The Heart of the Matter

On the building site of the new Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen, new solutions are called for every day. One example is the special concrete mixes.

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The Grass Is Always Greener – in the Desert

Golf fascinates the masses - there are some 50 million players worldwide. The We-Ko-Pa Golf Club in Arizona, in the middle of the desert, is among the most exclusive.

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News: Record Profits and Great Feelings

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News: Short Notes

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