The "memory" of Porsche

Above the museum’s glass-walled workshop is the home of the company archive of Porsche AG. Nowhere else can you get as close to the core of the brand as here. The archive stores important information with economic, technical, social and cultural references to Porsche.

The exciting story of the engineering office, Porsche AG and the car development and Motorsport divisions is told by original documents from more than 70 years of brand history, around 90 years of company history and the life’s work of Ferdinand Porsche since the late 19th century. The archives are kept in closed storage rooms with climate control and are always ready to hand. After all, Porsche is not interested in filling dark storage rooms, but in preparing knowledge about the brand for historical public relations work and sharing it with enthusiasts all over the world. This is done by means of our own publications in the Edition Porsche Museum, as well as through the communication of historic content at exhibitions, motor shows and events.

The brand’s history is its backbone and flows into the design of products with historical references. The Porsche Archive team handles enquiries from internal specialist departments, journalists, scientists and book authors. It provides support with expert knowledge, visual material and small exhibits.

Another important area of responsibility is legal protection. If necessary, past facts can be reviewed in the archive, as important developments and events at Porsche AG are documented there. After all, the company archives are the “memory” of Porsche.

  • 900 m2 of space
  • 2 km of files
  • 2.5 million photos and slides
  • 4,000 books
  • 1,700 hours of film material
  • 7,300 posters and advertisements
  • 25,000 small exhibits
  • The oldest document is from 1885
  • More than 6,000 enquiries per year
  • 8 employees

The company archive is not open to the public. To request an appointment, please describe your research request and the intended use of the information.

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The company archive contains the production files for almost every Porsche built. Information on your production car can be found here:

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