The Porsche Panamera Turbo S is parked at a charging station in the city. In the left part of the picture, you can see a man with his mobile phone in his hand, checking the charging time of his Porsche.
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Help & Contact

Here you will find further media and service information about E-Performance at Porsche. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A young girl is standing in front of a Porsche with her cell phone in her hand.
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Your Porsche Centre will be happy to answer individual questions regarding electric mobility and Porsche E-Performance.

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Video tutorials

Here you can see a catalogue of Mobile Chargers.

Home Energy Manager Installation and Commissioning.

The following instructions show you step by step how to set up the web application of your Home Energy Manager - from preparation to installation. You will also go through the single steps of the commissioning process.

1 | Before you start.

2 | How to connect to HEM Wifi Hotspot.

3 | Commissioning Process.

Instructions for uploading diagnostic data for Mobile Charger Connect*.

In the event of a malfunction, the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect can transmit diagnostic data to the responsible support centre.

*Availability dependent on country


• The charger is already integrated in your home network (see operating instructions). No diagnostic data can be transferred with a direct connection via hotspot.

• You will need the letter containing access data to the device to password the web application.

• Your device (e.g. tablet, laptop, smartphone) should have a compatible browser (see operating instructions) and should also be in the home network.

Web application login // Step 1

• Enter the current IP address of the charger in the browser’s address line. You will find the IP address in Settings > Network > Network information.

– or –

• Enter the host name of the charger in the browser’s address line. You will find the host name in the letter containing access data. It consists of the following components: Device name + serial number (e.g. https://WallChargerConnect-1234567/ or https://iccpd-1234567/)

• A security message appears on some browsers. This can be confirmed.

Web application login // Step 2

• Log into the web application as a "home user". Enter your password, which you can find in the letter containing access data.

Upload of diagnostic data // Step 1

• Navigate to Settings > Service > Diagnostic data.

Upload of diagnostic data // Step 2

• Select Transfer diagnostic data and accept the message.

The responsible support centre can now analyse a possible malfunction of your Mobile Charger Connect using the diagnostic data and suggest the appropriate instructions for use.

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