Porsche - Soul, uncovered.
Soul, uncovered.

Soul, uncovered.

Behind the scenes at the first Taycan photo shoot.

A car that reflects the future – and yet instantly reveals the Porsche soul. An all-electric sports car – equipped with 70 years of experience, pioneering spirit and pride. There are models that make the work of a photographer harder than the Taycan.

How does the first all-electric Porsche fight its way in front of the camera? Join our photographers on set.

Even though our models are real vehicles – the last metres into the studio are covered with combined forces and without the support of the electric motor.

“When we unveiled the Taycan for the first time, there was immediate enthusiasm in the studio – you are electrified by the vehicle itself.”

Porsche - Soul, uncovered.Porsche - Soul, uncovered.Porsche - Soul, uncovered.

Strictly confidential:
So that no pictures of the Taycan reach the public before the end of the press blocking period, maximum confidentiality is required.

Spot an:
Putting a sports car in the right light is hard work. One of the greatest challenges of advertising photography.

Detail work:
Especially when shooting indoors, every detail, no matter how small, is important. So you can get a vivid picture of the Taycan before you even see it live.


Light show:
Photography is the art of ‘light drawing’. So it’s no wonder that the game between the shapes of the Taycan and the studio lighting is so detailed.

“The light flows particularly softly on these shapes, just like on a classic Porsche.”


Instant image:
The pictures of the Taycan are examined directly on the set. And – if necessary – readjusted. The plan will only continue if the adjustment fits.

All going to plan:
The photo shoot follows a defined procedure. Each individual motif is already fixed long before the shots are taken and is waiting to be realised.

“The design of the Taycan is different in the light: more flowing and harmonious. Yet it is a Porsche through and through.”