The Art of Drive

In collaboration with our partners Vogue and WIRED, we invite contemporary luminaries to share how they achieved their dreams. Discover their inspirational stories – discover 'The Art of Drive'.

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We see St. Vincent's face in a close-up from the side. She looks content and smiles a little.

A new platform for all dreamers: The Art of Drive by Porsche

In a debut collaboration between Vogue, WIRED and Porsche, we explore what drives the dreamers shaping our future.
Karla Welch casually sits on a wooden chair while she looks into the camera.

Vogue Forces of Fashion – 'Taking The Wheel'

Watch the Vogue Forces of Fashion session featuring stylist and entrepreneur, Karla Welch.
St. Vincent lies on a brightly-carpeted floor in a cozy space. She is surrounded by books and reading a novel.

Watch St. Vincent reveal the magic behind her creative process

Paving the way for the next generation of creative leaders.

St. Vincent on only being as good as your last creation

The award-winning musician shares unique insights into her creative process.

Sharmadean Reid on creating your own path

The tech founder on her drive to build economic empowerment for women.
Hanna Lux Davis sits in a white armchair against a dark green background and smiles

Hannah Lux Davis on doing what it takes

Music video director Hannah Lux Davis on making an impact in pop culture.

Sara Nuru on stepping into the unknown

The model and entrepreneur’s infectious drive to step out of the comfort zone.

Barbara Sika on using colour to create emotion

The colour and trim Designer on defining success on your own terms.
Karla Welch leans against a stool with her arms crossed in a white studio.

Karla Welch's vision is driven by collaboration and female empowerment

The super stylist on shaping what the future looks like.

Watch Sean Wotherspoon on why nature is his shortcut to innovation

The designer brings his transformative perspective to The Art of Drive.
Sean Wotherspoon laying down

Sean Wotherspoon: Determined to inspire.

Sean Wotherspoon’s drive to inspire new ways of seeing the world.

Grace Ladoja: Lessons on you

The music manager on shaping the future of culture

Janeya Griffin: How to harness your own potential.

The commercial powerhouse on being the change you want to see
Leyla Piedayesh

Leyla Piedayesh: It starts with you.

The designer and entrepreneur on the courage to jump in at the deep end.

Angelique Kerber: You can’t control life

The Wimbledon winner on goals and mental strength.

The Journey of the Entrepreneur with Sharmadean Reid

Founder and CEO of The Stack, Sharmadean Reid joins WIRED deputy global editorial director, Greg Williams to discuss how to unlock the potential of female Entrepreneurship

Building Communities of the Future: Healthy Food for All

WIRED Global Editioral Director Gideon Lichfield and Ghetto Gastro cofounder Jon Gray explore the connection between social justice and food. 

How to Achieve the Impossible with Richard Browning

Richard Browning, founder and chief test pilot for Gravity Industries, talks about how his desire to create something that people thought impossible lead him to building the world’s fastest jet-suit.

Redefining Reality One Paint Stroke At A Time

WIRED Managing Editor Hemal Jhaveri and Artist Alexa Meade explore how different tools can not only bring a vision to life, but also expand perspectives and inspire others
Vogue business and Porsche event

Vogue Business and Porsche event: How to reinvent through innovation

Join Vogue Business executive Americas editor Hilary Milnes for a discussion on innovation with industry leading speakers.

Dreamers. On.

Great visionaries like Ferry Porsche and their dreams have always moved society forward. Discover their stories.

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