Global Gallery

From New York to Tokyo – KÖNIG X PORSCHE turn the world’s most iconic billboards into a Global Gallery. Meet the eleven talents, shown in five cities around the world for the KÖNIG x PORSCHE Global Gallery.

Global Gallery Billboard in New York

What is the Global Gallery?

Discover how KÖNIG x PORSCHE gave up-and-coming talents a global stage.
Portrait shot of Andy Piccy with his hands in front of his face.

Andy Picci

Obsessed with the issues of an age dominated by social media.
Auriea Harvey in a room looking into the camera

Auriea Harvey

Combines digital and physical worlds to create sculptures that mix reality.
A man and a woman standing in front of a painted wall

Banz & Bowinkel

Want their art to create gaps in our constant rush of streams and updates.
Young man with a black cap and other people around

Ben Elliot

Partners with forward-thinking brands to explore their concepts and values.
Close up of a womans face

John Yuyi

The internet and social media form the platform for her creative work.
Portrait of a man in front of a coloured wall

Jon Burgerman

Creativity meets play in Burgerman’s expressive digital style.
Portrait of a man in front of a coloured wall

Jonas Lund

With limitless creative outlets, Lund has big ideas for the future.
Two persons in a white room looking into the camera


Discover the design of virtual architecture in their digital realm.
A man and a woman looking at each other wearing VR glasses on white background


Allow audiences to immerse themselves in their worlds.
Man wearing black clothes looking to the left, sitting in a white room

Manuel Rossner

Investigating how new technologies impact art and society.
Partially pink painted face in front of pink background

Nicole Ruggiero

Concentrates on technology and its emotional, social culture.