Hannah Lux Davis is the American film director behind some of the most exciting music videos in recent times. She’s worked with some of the best names in pop – chances are, if the visuals are as memorable as the song’s hook, Davis has had a hand in creating them. As a director, she is passionate about shining a spotlight on the female perspective, whilst crafting content for stars who own their own identity. Her work has a way of empowering both the artists and their audiences, creating a new visual spectacle time and time again.

It’s this eye for putting a fresh spin on every new project that sets Davis up as an inspiring mentor for The Art of Drive. 

The comparison game is real. So, you have to really own and love what you do. Go in confidently and work with your team. It all comes back to collaboration.
Hannah Lux DavisDirector

Knowledge is power

Watching her music videos and experiencing the vivid worlds she creates, it would be easy to assume Davis is a prodigy; effortlessly pulling a new trick out of the hat every time. But she is quick to point out that she questions herself every day. Second-guessing isn't just for those starting out. What's important is what you do about it, in her words: "Knowledge is power. If you are ever nervous, or feel insecure, or feel like you don't belong, educate yourself. The more you can prepare, the better". By this stage in her career, she has accumulated a great deal of knowledge indeed. She certainly has the awards to prove it. For those pursuing work in the creative space, here is some key wisdom:

Invent then reinvent

Each project allows you to reinvent yourself, you have to approach it with a new lens, which makes it really exhilarating. I let the artist, the song, or wherever the client is at the time dictate the world of each project. 

Let's say I'm working with a pop artist and they want to do something they've never done before. Maybe they want to be more pop than they've ever been. Maybe they want to dance. Maybe they want to tell a story. I try to get into the collaboration process with them right away – I want to figure out a situation that is perfect for them, so they can thrive. 

Find people on your wavelength

I’m driven by creating a platform for others to shine. So, when I found my people, I became hooked on that process of teamwork and collaboration.

As you are navigating your career, it's important to find those people who are on the same wavelength, in terms of work ethic and how they see the world. Working with other talented people is what makes things super exciting. 

Drive is nothing without passion

For anyone with a dream or aspiration, it's so important that you don't give up, because it's not going to happen overnight. You're not suddenly going to have the career of your dreams in a year, or two or three or four. It takes time. You have to pay your dues. You have to put in the work, you have to practice. You have to study, you have to hustle so hard.

And, if you're not passionate about it, none of that will happen. Drive and passion are the most important things.