English artist Eelus created artwork that experiments with contrast and balance as well as dark and light. Recently he turned his eye to Porsche, creating a bold series of paintings centered around innovations and dreams that moved culture from 1948–1965, when the Porsche 356 was in production. 

Read on to see Eelus’s No Small Dreams artwork and learn about the inspiration behind them, in his own words. 

EELU Poster 1
One side of the poster depicts a knight on horseback battling a dragon-like monster, his shield suggestive of the Porsche crest. To me this piece is about the power of imagination and the importance of myth and storytelling as well as having connotations of overcoming adversity and the power of self-belief.
EELUS poster 2

 “Taking inspiration from milestone achievements in music, art, literature, and science and technology from 1948–1965, I created an abstract collage of sorts, reducing imagery from that era to its most basic forms in search of a composition that’s balanced in both form and color.”

EELUS back Cover
The back cover is about the power and importance of daydreaming. The world and everything in it was born from a dream of one kind or another: a playful thought, a wild and unbelievable concept, daring visions created by imaginations nurtured and given space to grow.

“The Taycan is a product of such ‘what if...’ daydreaming, and its carbon neutral production, itself a dream of the past, is now a welcomed reality.”