Artist Dan Monteavaro’s Porsche artwork layers imagery of iconic cars and other objects to thrilling effect. Porsche commissioned Dan to create new pieces featuring his signature style, which combines layers of contrasting and, often simultaneously, complimentary images. Inspired by comic book imagery and mass media, the resulting series evokes sports car dreams in perpetual motion. 

Read on to see Dan’s creations and learn from the artist himself about what inspired him. 

Montevaro Image 1
I wanted to do something like the car posters kids of my generation grew up with, while staying true to my work and still giving the paintings a proper narrative to have this visual conversation about motion and shape.
Montevaro Image 2

“With the 356 painting, I wanted to play with these two dream cars that played with the organic sweeping shapes that have a musculature as well as the racing heritage they command when you see them. The dynamic angles hint at racing, the shapes play off each other and the background. It was the first work in the series and had that beginning of a race feel for me.”