Porsche and Food content network Tastemade teamed up to profile Kiano Moju, who had a vision for her dream company before she knew what it would look like. A dream she realized in the form of Jikoni, a Los Angeles creative studio built to support the city’s growing food media industry.  It's a story the Porsche brand knows all too well – that sometimes, to realize your dreams, you have to go out and make them yourselves.

Before she was a producer, director, host, recipe writer, and entrepreneur, Moju developed a love of cooking at home in the Bay Area and through summer visits to her grandparents’ home in Kenya. She also took early inspiration from ‘90s cooking television.

It looked like the best time ever,” she said —especially when a chef filmed in front of a live audience. “I’d be there by myself cooking and talking it out as if I had a live audience in the kitchen with me.

At Jikoni, design and function are both carefully considered. Furniture, cookware, and other props are thoughtfully sourced with an eye toward local artisans, uniting clients and the community as part of the creative process.

“I’ve made a lot of the type of content that people come to Jikoni for, so I understand the pain points of production, especially filming in spaces that aren’t designed for the type of work you’re doing,” she said. “We’re small and we’re new, but every day we’re looking at the space and trying to reinvest.” Unsurprisingly, this is exactly how Moju likes to cook. 

I don’t think anything is ever done,” she said. “Especially when the type of work I do is creative. You can create great dishes, but I think if you revisit them every so often and revise, you can consistently enhance and just make them a little bit better, a little bit better.

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Quotations orignally published by Tastemade.

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