Mint Green. Strawberry Red.  Lime Gold Metallic. Macadamia Metallic. Frozen Berry Metallic. 

Of the nearly endless list of Porsche paint colors, there are a handful that would make delicious ice cream flavors. So we made them. For real.

On Sunday, July 17th, in honor of National Ice Cream Day, Porsche teamed up with Pretty Cool Ice Cream, a Chicago-based independent ice cream shop, to create five ice cream flavors, each wrapped in chic,  Porsche-branded packaging.    

Mint Green: green mint cookies and cream ice cream with a mint green white chocolate shell.

Mint Ice Cream

Strawberry Red: cream Cheese ice cream dipped in a strawberry red shell. Made with real freeze-dried strawberries. 

Strawberry Ice Cream

Macadamia Metallic: roasted macadamia ice cream in a sparkling macadamia metallic colored chocolate shell. 

Macadamia Ice Cream

Frozen Berry Metallic: black raspberry ice cream in a sparkling frozen berry colored Ruby chocolate shell. 

FrozenBerry IceCream

Lime Gold Metallic: key lime pie ice cream in a sparkling lime gold colored caramel shell. 

LimeGold Ice Cream

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