The car of your dreams, built to your exact specifications. It's the ultimate dream of many car lovers. Porsche and Complex helped a few notable Porsche enthusiasts realize their sports car dreams in Dream Building, a three-part video series hosted by Sneaker Shopping’s very own Joe La Puma.

Watch as Dr. Woo, Daniel Arsham, and Teyana Taylor visit the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta to build the Porsche of their dreams, down to the smallest detail.

Singer/songwriter/actress Teyana Taylor showed up to her Dream Building session in an eye-catching black-and-yellow outfit that matched the racing yellow 718 Cayman GT4 she arrived in.

A longtime enthusiast and owner of Porsche models, Teyana chose bold custom color options for her dream build, designing a Viola Metallic 911 Turbo S Cabriolet with "slime green" accents. Watch her as she realizes her dream Porsche model.

Artist Daniel Arsham remembers becoming obsessed as a child with the first 911 Turbo (the 930). “These cars were an icon when I was a kid,” Arsham says. “The 930 was the car I was drawing when I was a kid. Something about getting into these cars and driving them is like a time machine.” 

An avid Porsche collector, Daniel chose to go with an ultra-bold monochromatic concept for his dream build, designing a head-turning 992 GT3 in Racing Yellow, from body down to matching stitching.  Watch the video to see the bold result.

Famed tattoo artist Dr. Woo traces his Porsche fascination back to his uncle's white 911.  The iconic model was his way in to learning about the Porsche brand's heritage.

For his "dream build," he chose the fully electric Taycan 4 Cross Turismo as his canvas.  With a tattooist's careful attention to detail, Dr. Woo carefully selected every last stitch to his taste.  Watch the video above to see him bring his Porsche's dream to life.


Original articles by Isis Briones for Complex.

Porsche Building videos: Directed by Julian Muller, Produced by James Bender, Art Direction by Ariel Weaver, and Design by Brandon Banks.