From flying saucers, to fields of sunflowers, to distant planets, Caitlyn Grabenstein’s art transports the viewer to a different place. Porsche commissioned Caitlyn to create new work in her signature style combining photorealistic, surreal, and digital collage elements. Inspired by what it is to live the human experience with all its unknowns, Caitlyn’s work creates entire worlds that accentuate the power and timelessness of Porsche seamlessly. 

Scroll down to see more of Cailtyn’s artwork as she explains the thought behind each piece in her own words.

Caitlyn 3
This piece represents the limitless nature of Porsche vehicles. These cars have really stood the test of time. So launching a classic Porsche into space seemed fitting. I also love that the astronaut is female - girls can have, and love, awesome cars too.
Caitlyn 2
I really wanted to include a colorful, not sci-fi themed piece. I wanted to make something that could sort of exist in a lot of different eras. I felt like the elements and colors in this piece represented that well. The vinyl head person adds a level of mystery and playfulness.
Caitlyn 1
In contrast to the other pieces, I wanted to make something with a darker color palette. I love the idea of an incoming storm and invasion and the car facing it, head on. I think this piece really makes the Porsche look powerful and futuristic.

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