Watch the video as Bill heads to the track to explain how the Taycan is able to be driven hard time and again on a single charge.

If you’ve ever wondered what a volt is, or how voltage affects performance in an electric car, you’re in luck. Watch as Bill takes us through the 800 Volt architecture of the Taycan and demonstrates the difference a few hundred extra volts can make.

Watch as Bill manages to make learning about the two speed transmission of the Taycan almost as fun as driving it.

All electric cars use regenerative braking. However, none of them use it to the same extent as the Taycan. To help explain the difference, Bill gets behind the wheel and dives in to just what makes the all-electric Taycan an all-electric Porsche.

Bill gets behind the wheel and gets into exactly how the Taycan manages to be the most aerodynamic production Porsche ever made.