Where does fantasy end and creativity begin? It’s a question that artist Chris Labrooy is still searching for an answer to. In fact, it’s this very question that seems to inform his art installation “Dream Big,” which debuted December 2022 outside of the Pérez Art Museum in Miami.

Made in partnership with Porsche for the annual Art Basel festival in Miami Beach, “Dream Big” depicts a giant race car driver emerging from the sand to play with a full-size 911 Carrera 4S. Labrooy says the piece was inspired by memories of playing with toy cars as a child.

“Crawling along the floor pushing a diecast car is a vivid memory from my youth,” says Labrooy. “Cars have a way of stimulating your imagination as a child which is hard to shake.”

This wasn’t the only collaboration between Porsche and Labrooy for Art Basel, however. Porsche partnered with Soho Beach House Miami to host an art-inspired event, where Labrooy’s iconic “Swan Car” piece was on display. The exclusive event also featured a live performance by the legendary Rick Ross, as well as a set from DJ Ross One.