When one dream fades, another overtakes

For someone who tends to prefer peace and quiet, Jacky Ickx has had an extremely exceptional and outrageous life. As a young man, the eight-time Grand Prix winner and "MonsieurMans" dreamed of rather more contemplative activities such as gardening. But then he got into motorcycle racing and quickly took a liking to speed and the feeling of conquest through technical finesse. The spark for an unparalleled career was ignited.

I discovered the joy of not being last.
Jacky IckxEight-time Grand Prix winner

24 hours of Le Mans and 144 hours of success

Ickx is one of the most successful sports car racers ever and a true savant of motorsport. He credits his guardian angel for having survived 32 seasons. Moreover, Ickx emphasizes that he sees himself as a team player and knows that experts in the background share in his success and the realization of his dreams. Like his incredible six wins in Le Mans, four of which behind the wheel of a Porsche. 

All of this makes him one of the most inspiring figures in motorsport today – especially for young talents who still h
ave their future ahead of them. It seems gardening's loss, was motorsports' gain. And we see that sometimes it pays to let one dream go in order to make space for another one.

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