Conquering the Sahara Desert with 330 hp

The torrid heat of the desert and a brutal bone-dry course: to fulfil his dream, René Metge had to overcome many obstacles across almost 10.000 kilometres. Of the 313 cars that started the Paris-Dakar that year, only 98 made it to the finishing line. But finally, after 19 days of battling the competition - and the elements - he made it to Lac Rose with a winning time of 16:58'55".

Driven by blood, sweat and tears

René Metge’s result came as a surprise to some, who didn't expect to see him rolling up to the starting line in his custom 911 in Paris on January 1st. The car stood out from most of the rally cars present that day. No wonder: it was a modified Porsche 911 specially designed to compete in the Dakar Rally. But this wasn't Metge's first rodeo, he had competed in the race before and knew what the course had in store for the racers. He knew that the custom built 911 would help him to defy the conditions. That year, the rally’s route had been extended through Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Mauritania to "enhance the dreams of those who stay behind". Staying behind, however, wasn't Metge’s dream. He led the path instead, crossing the finish line on the 20th of January to seal the win.So, what does it feel like when a dream comes true? For René MetgeDusty, sore and more than a little dehydrated.

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We see St. Vincent's face in a close-up from the side. She looks content and smiles a little.