Introducing 'The Art of Drive'

Conceived in collaboration with Vogue and WIRED, 'The Art of Drive' has been devised as a global platform dedicated to inspiration and education. Grand statement, we know, but it’s an accurate one thanks to the range of voices and resources that construct its digital sphere. Namely: lessons from the most pioneering minds working today. Leading 'The Art of Drive’s' debut is Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent. A Grammy award-winning artist known for her innate drive, she has created a sound and vision that has redefined the cultural landscape. 

In the film, Clark offers us a window into her creative process and self-expression, in a bid to inspire the next wave of pioneering ideas and innovators.

Whether they’re artistic, technological or socially conscious, the pursuit of your own vision takes a serious amount of insight and determination. Fortunately, 'The Art of Drive' is on hand to pave the way with indispensable knowledge-sharing.

From dreamer to trailblazer: discover St. Vincent’s secrets to creative success

Under the stage name St. Vincent, Annie Clark has mastered a singular approach to music. But her achievements required a bold spirit and a fearless vision. Sure, she has always displayed a desire to dream but, vitally, it was her constant drive to bring it to life that has led to international success. So, for 'The Art of Drive' – an industry-first collaboration between Vogue, WIRED and Porsche – St. Vincent shares her insight on what it takes to reach creative excellence.

Dreamers. On.

Great visionaries like Ferry Porsche and their dreams have always moved society forward. Discover their stories.

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