Dreamers On

René Metge is seen standing at the finish line and celebrates with his hands in the air.

René Metge’s dusty road to success

In 1984 his 9.980-kilometer-long dream came true in a cloud of dust and engine noise.
Paul Casey is standing in front of clouds while he looks up into the sky. We see him frontal from a low angle.

Paul Casey masters his dreams

A tale of handicaps and horsepower. And how passion beats setbacks every time.
We see Sophie de Oliveira's face in a close-up from the front. She looks reflective.

Sophie de Oliveira Barata’s healing touch with artistic flair

She turned her passion for special effects into a passion for special prosthetics.

Not even flames can stop Simona De Silvestro

No obstacle could match up to Simona or hold the Formula E driver back on her path forward.

Dreamers, dare to dream big

Discover the power of a dream and why we're encouraging ambitious dreamers around the world.
Julien works intently with a soldering iron in his workshop.

Julien Roure's Rock’n’Roll dream

From the local punk scene in the French countryside to the big stages of the world.
Jacky Ickx sits in a racing car and points to something outside the car which can’t be seen in the picture.

The man of Le Mans: Jacky Ickx

What makes a successful sports car racer? After 32 seasons and six Le Mans wins, maybe Jacky Ickx knows.
A person stands with their back to us and looks from a roof over the skyline of a big city. The sun is shining in the person's face.

To the courageous minds behind big dreams

Here's to those who never let go of their beliefs, who believe in themselves and make dreams come true.